Frye Fonix Colt Clinical Audiometers

The revolutionary new Fonix Colt clinical audiometer by Frye Electronics is here. The Colt is an incredibly versatile clinical audiometer that combines the high level of performance and economical price that you have come to expect from a Frye Electronics Fonix audiometer. The Colt's two channel design is capable of performing any Audiological testing in the clinical setting, and it is very small and light weight making it portable and easy to store when not in use, which is especially important if you need a clinical audiometer that is portable.

The Colt is easy to integrate with NOAH via a USB connection and the low-cost Fonix NOAH Audiomefer Module software. Integrate your Colt Audiometer with your Frye Real Ear Measurement equipment and a computer so that you can easily transfer hearing test results from your Colt into your NOAH software for use in performing real ear measurements, hearing aid programming, printing audiograms, and all the benefits that come with electronic record keeping.

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Frye Colt Audiometer