Hearing Screening Audiometers

The table below contains links to webpages on our website that contain detailed information and prices on each of the puretone screening audiometers that we provide. Contact us with any questions, or if you would like to have an Audiologist help you choose the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

Micro Audiometrics Earscan Model ES3M Manual Audiometer

Micro Audiometrics Earscan ES3M audiometer

Micro Audiometrics Earscan ES3S Automatic Screening Audiometer

Micro Audiometrics Earscan ES3S automatic screening audiometer

Amplivox Model 116 Manual Puretone Audiometer

Amplivox Model 116 manual puretone audiometer

Amplivox Model 170 Automatic Audiometer

Amplivox model 170 automatic audiometer

Monitor Instruments MI-3000 Microprocessor Audiometer

Welch Allyn Model AM282 Manual Audiometer

Welch Allyn AM282 Audiometer

Welch Allyn AudioScope 3 Screening Audiometer

Welch Allyn AudioScope 3 screening audiometer

Ambco Model 650A and 650AB Audiometers

Ambco model 650A and 650AB audiometers