OccuScan Occupational Health & Hearing Conservation Software

Based upon my experience with using the OccuScan software in my mobile hearing test trailer for approximately nine years, you can't go wrong with OccuScan software. The software provides an economical, user friendly, and efficient Database that provides electronic record keeping of employee hearing test results\health records and a means of automating your hearing conservation program.

The audiometric module takes hearing test results directly from your audiometer, compares the test results to the employee's baseline, performs STS calculations with aging corrections, prints employee notification letters, allows you to print a wide variety of reports such as lists of employees that have had an STS, and much more. The OccuScan hearing conservation software is compatible with a variety of audiometers from different manufacturers, and can be used with a single audiometer, or multiple audiometers at the same time.

The OccuScan software can be purchased in versions designed for use by a single company, or multiple company versions. One or any combination of the modules can be purchased and additional modules can be added at a later date. Please call, or email for prices on an OccuScan Occupational Health Software package designed to meet your needs.

Following is a Screen Shot from my OccuScan Software on an HP LapTop with Windows 7. The Screen Shot shows the audiometric testing screen in the Audiometric Module. Note the baseline hearing test from 09/29/1999 and the current hearing test from 05/21/2011 which shows that the employee has had an STS in both ears since the Baseline hearing test. The OccuScan software automatically performed the STS calculations using the appropriate age correction values for the employees age and gender.