QuietTest Mini Booth Hearing Test Booths:

The QuietTest Mini Booth hearing test booths are perfect for use in Hearing Conservation Programs and in many other applications such as Doctor's offices, Audiology offices, Hearing Aid Dealer's offices, and Schools. The QuietTest Mini Booths can pass through any standard 30" wide door and the built in casters allow them to be moved from room to room easily as needed. The compact size of the QuietTest Mini Booths allows them to be used in small exam rooms, and the dual door feature greatly adds to their flexibility by allowing them to be put in any corner of a room without having to worry about which direction the hearing test booth's door swings out to open.

The QuietTest hearing test booths come in two sizes and are very affordably priced at $3995.00 for the smaller model QT-MB-2940, and only $4595.00 for the larger model QT-MB-4136.

Scroll down this page to see information and specifications on the QuietTest model QT-MB-2940 and model QT-MB-4136 hearing test booths.

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  • Note: QuietTest hearing test booths are proudly made in the USA by Noise Barriers, LLC in Libertyville, IL.
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QuietTest Hearing Test Booths Quiet Test Mini booths

QuietTest Mini Booth Color and Carpet Options:

Quiet Test hearing test booth colors