Oticon Amigo Ear Level FM System:

The Oticon Amigo ear level FM system is a very versatile and durable system that can be used with a wide variety of hearing aids, cochlear Implants and bone anchored hearing aids. A variety of transmitters and receivers are available to choose from so that we can put together the most appropriate system to meet your particular needs.

Please call or email us to obtain pricing, and fitting information for your particular application. The manufacturer's name, model numbers, and serial numbers of your hearing aids, cochlear implant processors, or bone anchored hearing aids are needed to determine compatibility and to determine what is needed to interface the Amigo FM receiver with your particular hearing aid, or cochlear implant processor.

An Audiologist may be needed to fit the Amigo ear level FM system because it's functionality may be dependant on the internally programmed settings in your hearing aid, cochlear implant processor, or bone anchored hearing aid.


Oticon Amigo ear level FM system transmitter Otico Amigo ear level FM receivers