Hearing Conservation Audiometers, Booths, Calibration Monitors and Software

This webpage was created as a resource to group all of the equipment needed to start or update your hearing conservation program onto one webpage so it is easy to find. The table below contains links to webpages that contain detailed information and prices on each of the products listed in the table. Contact us if you would like to have an Audiologist answer your questions or help you choose the right equipment to meet your specific needs. Call, or email for package price discounts if you are going to purchase multiple items such as a hearing test booth, audiometer, and hearing conservation software.

QuietTest Hearing Test Booths

QuietTest Mini Booth hearing test booths

Smart Diagnostic Devices Smart Tone Automatic Audiometer

Smart Tone Microprocessor Audiometer

Micro Audiometrics Earscan 3 (ES3) Microprocessor Audiometer

Monitor Instruments MI-5000B Series II Microprocessor Audiometer

Monitor Instruments MI-3000 "Plus" Microprocessor Audiometer

Monitor Instruments MI-7000 Microprocessor Audiometer

Ambco Model 2500 Microprocessor Audiometer

Amplivox Model 170 Automatic Audiometer

OccuScan Hearing Conservation and Occupational Health Software

Micro Audiometrics Health Explorer Hearing Conservation Software

Smart Diagnostic Devices D-Check Bio-Acoustic Simulator

Smart Diagnostic Devices Artificial Ear

Monitor Instruments MI-300 Calibration Monitor

Ambco OTO-CHEK Biological Test Simulator

Amplivox ER75 Electro Acoustic Ear Simulator

Amplivox ER75 electro acoustic ear simulator

Monitor Instruments ANM-2 Ambient Noise Monitor

Monitor Instruments ANM-2 Noise Monitor